Make a Fresh Start
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Make a Fresh Start

make a fresh start make a fresh start - make a fresh start - Make a Fresh Start

Make a Fresh Start

GPA Dental explains how cosmetic dentistry may help take years off your face. When people think of anti-ageing procedures, images of painful plastic surgery, or costly botox and filler treatments that offer temporary results often come to mind. But did you know that cosmetic dentistry may have better solutions to offer?

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Brighten Your Smile

Teeth discolour with age, and the most common cause of stains is long-term consumption of food and drink such as coffee and red wine. In these cases, a simple medical-grade laser whitening session can get your teeth back to bright and white in just an hour. Your dentist can also replace old, dark fillings with custom-matched aesthetic restorations that blend and look invisible in your mouth.

Fix Long, Loose Teeth

Gums recede with age, too, causing teeth to look too long. This could also be a sign of an underlying bacterial disease that is causing the bones holding your teeth in place to dissolve. There are new techniques that use a special laser to clean out and sterilise your gums to prevent further bone loss and ensure your teeth do not become shaky or fall out. If the look of long teeth bothers you, there is a specialised, minimally invasive procedure that does not require using invasive scalpels or sutures to get your gums back into its original position.

Restore Facial Fullness

As you age, the lower portion of your face will naturally shrink and your jaw will become narrower. Years of use can cause teeth to wear down and become shorter. This changes the position of your bite – the loss of internal structural volume will manifest as wrinkles around the lips, a downturned, angry appearance of the mouth, sagging jowls in the lower face and a deflated and wrinkly appearance.

While you can consider botox, fillers or even a facelift, the real issue can only be addressed by re-establishing the internal architecture of your face. Your dentist will work to restore volume from the inside out by rebuilding your bite. This acts as a non-surgical facelift, which helps add fullness back to the face, aids in reducing wrinkles and helps create poutier lips and a better smile.

Think of cosmetic dentistry as a predictable, non-surgical way to look younger in as little as on visit. Speak to your dentist, who can digitally simulate results to determine the best treatments that can enhance your smile, and help you look younger.