GPA Dental Group of clinics are Medisave accredited by the Ministry of Health (MOH), Singapore. Patients who are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents may be able to claim part of their surgical expenses from their CPF Medisave Account.


Medisave can be used to pay for surgical procedures such as:


• Wisdom tooth removal surgery
• Dental implant surgery
• Bone grafting
• Gum grafting


In the event that you do not have a Medisave account or your Medisave balance is not sufficient to cover the dental bill, your immediate family members may use their Medisave to help you with the bill payment. Immediate family members refer to your spouse, parents, or child. Please note that the use of Medisave is still subject to Medisave withdrawal limits.


How can I use Medisave to pay for wisdom tooth surgery?


• The estimated fee for wisdom tooth surgery is FROM $1500 per tooth.
• Patient or the Medisave Account holder has to fill in the required Medisave Authorisation Form.
• If there is sufficient fund in the Medisave account (not less than $2,000), the clinic will only collect the difference between the total amount payable and Medisave portion upfront.
• For instance, if the total fee is $550 and the amount you can claim from Medisave is $500, then the amount you have to pay upfront is $50 ($550 – $500).
• If there is insufficient fund in the Medisave account (less than $2,000), the clinic will collect the full sum upfront. Thereafter the clinic will proceed to process the Medisave claim. Upon successful claim, the clinic will issue a cheque made payable to the Medisave account holder. Patient will be informed by phone when the cheque is ready for collection from the clinic.The processing time is about 2 months from the date of treatment.
• You are allowed to use your Medisave Account to pay for your immediate family members, i.e. spouse, children, parents, grandparents. However, in the case of grandparents, they must be either Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident.


How can I use Medisave to pay for dental implant?


The estimated cost for one implant (i.e. one tooth) is from $2,750 of which partial cost (about $1,250) can be paid using Medisave, subject to final approval by CPF Board and provided you have sufficient fund in your Medisave account.


Please refer to the illustration below on the payment process. Assuming the agreed fee is $2,750 per implant and you need 1 implant, then it is as follows:


• Amount to be claimed from Medisave $1,250
• $2,750 – $1,250 = $1,500
• Out of the $1,500, the clinic will collect a deposit upfront and the balance can be paid progressively over the next few visits till the procedure is completed.

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