Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do you charge for braces?

The estimated cost for braces treatment is FROM $3000.00. An initial deposit of $2000.00 is payable upfront with the remaining sum to be paid via monthly instalment of $100.00-$200.00 over 12-24 months period usually.


This is for braces treatment ONLY and does not include charges for other procedures, for instance x-ray, extractions, if required.

2. How much do you charge for teeth whitening?

There are basically 2 types of teeth whitening procedures:


a. Chair-side/in-office: FROM $1580
b. Take home kit: FROM $860

3. How much do you charge for scaling & polishing? How often should I have this done?

Scaling and polishing is FROM $128.00. It is recommended that you should go for a dental check-up once every 6 months.

4. How much do you charge for filling?

Filling is FROM $198.00 per tooth.

5. How much do you charge for consultation?

Consultation is FROM $48.00.

6. How much do you charge for wisdom tooth surgery?

The estimated fee for wisdom tooth surgery is FROM $1500 per tooth of which either the full or partial fee can be paid via Medisave, subject to final approval by CPF Board.


Patient or the Medisave Account holder has to fill in the required Medisave Authorisation Form.


If there is sufficient fund in the Medisave account (not less than $2,000), the clinic will only collect the difference between the total amount payable and Medisave portion upfront.


For instance, if the total fee is $550 and the amount you can claim from Medisave is $500, then the amount you have to pay upfront is $50 ($550 – $500).


If there is insufficient fund in the Medisave account (less than $2,000), the clinic will collect the full sum upfront. Thereafter the clinic will proceed to process the Medisave claim. Upon successful claim, the clinic will issue a cheque made payable to the Medisave account holder. Patient will be informed by phone when the cheque is ready for collection from the clinic. The processing time is about 2 months from the date of treatment.


You are allowed to use your Medisave Account to pay for your immediate family members, i.e. spouse, children, parents, grandparents. However, in the case of grandparents, they must be either Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident.

7. How much do you charge for dental implant?

The estimated cost for one implant (i.e. one tooth) is from $2,675 of which partial cost (about $1,250) can be paid using Medisave, subject to final approval by CPF Board and provided you have sufficient fund in your Medisave account.


Please refer to the illustration below on the payment process. Assuming the agreed fee is $2,750 per implant and you need 1 implant, then it is as follows:

• Amount to be claimed from Medisave $1,250
• $2,750 – $1,250 = $1,500
• Out of the $1,500, the clinic will collect a deposit upfront and the balance can be paid progressively over the next few visits till the procedure is completed.

8. When can I use Medisave to pay?

Patients can choose to pay via Medisave for selected procedures. The common ones are wisdom tooth and implant surgery. For more information, please visit here.

9. Am I allowed to use my Medisave Account to pay for my family members?

Yes, you can but it is restricted to immediate family members only, i.e. spouse, children, parents, grandparents. However, in the case of grandparents, they must be either Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident.

10. Can I use my Children Development Account (CDA/Baby bonus) Nets card for payment at your clinic?

This CDA fund can be used by the child and his/her siblings to pay for expenses incurred at our clinics. Siblings include adopted children and stepchildren.

11. What is "Sterilization and Disposables"? Why do I have to pay "Sterilization and Disposables" Charges each time I visit the clinic?

These are essentially items that we use in infection control such as gloves, masks, gowns, disposable cups/bibs, disinfectant, autoclaving paper/pouch etc. Having proper infection control procedures in place ensure that infectious diseases like Hepatitis B, AIDS, TB, SARs etc are not spread from one person to another. We want to give all our patients a peace of mind that we take their safety seriously and want to do our best to protect them. All along we have been absorbing the Sterilization and Disposables charges. However, with the recent increase in costs, we are no longer able to do so and thus have to pass the additional charges to patients.

12. What is plaque?

Plaque is a soft sticky substance caused by bacteria and food. It forms on your teeth and causes a furry feeling. It can build up in between teeth and at the gum line and turns into calculus (or tartar) if it is left in your mouth over a period of time.

13. Why is plaque bad for my teeth?
When you eat, the bacteria in the plaque eat too! The plaque bacteria then produce acids which can dissolve the minerals which make up the tooth. As a result, a hole or cavity is formed. This process is called decay.
14. Why is plaque bad for my gums?
The acids produced by the bacteria in the plaque not only damage the teeth but also damage the structures that hold the teeth within the jaw.
15. How do I book an appointment?

There are a few ways to do so:


a. You can call the preferred GPA clinic directly. Please visit the full list of GPA clinics.


b. You can book an appointment on our website. Please visit to book.

16. Do GPA clinics accept walk-in patients?

The clinics accept walk-ins. However, it is better to book an appointment in advance to minimize waiting time at the clinics.

17. What is the clinic's business/operating hour?

Most of our clinics are open from 9am to 9pm on weekdays, and 9am – 6pm on weekends. However, they may close on certain weekday nights. Thus, it is advisable to call the clinic directly to book an appointment in advance to minimise waiting time.

On Public Holidays, some clinics are open from 9am to 1pm. However, during the Chinese New Year festive period, all clinics are closed from Day 1 to Day 3.

18. Do your dentists treat bad breath?

The dentist needs to conduct an examination to ascertain if the bad breath is dentally related in the first place. If yes, he will propose the relevant treatment plan and inform you of the estimated fee.

The estimated cost for consultation is from $48.00.

19. I have a chipped tooth. What should I do?

You should consult a dentist first so that a proper examination and treatment planning can be done.

For a small chip, the dentist may be able to patch it up with a simple filling. The estimated cost is from $198 per tooth. However, if the chip is extensive, you may require a crown and it is from $880 per tooth.

20. What are the payment modes that are accepted at the clinics?

We accept the following payment modes:

  • Cash
  • NETS
  • Credit card (Visa/Master)
21. Can I get MC (medical certificate) from the dentist?

The issuance of MC is solely at the sole discretion and professional judgment of the attending dentist, and it is usually for procedures such as extraction and surgery only.

The clinics can however issue time in and out chits. In the case of extraction and surgery, the number of days of MC given by the dentist depends on the procedures done. A routine extraction is usually 1 day of MC, and 3 to 5 days of MC if surgery is required.

22. What are your charges like for foreigners?

We do not have differential pricing for foreigners. They are charged the same rates as locals. The charges depend on the complexity of the procedure and it varies from case to case.

In any case, the dentist will provide you with a more definite quote after examination and diagnosis.

23. Does GPA have any corporate rates?

The unique GPA Corporate features highly competitive, fixed and transparent corporate rates for more than 20 common dental services.

Please go to our website footer to get in touch with us.

24. Can I get a crown done within a day?
If you wish to have it done within a single day, you would have to opt for CAD CAM crown. The estimated cost is from S$1,850.00 per tooth.
25. My denture is broken. Can it be repaired?
Not all broken denture can be repaired. The dentist needs to examine the condition of the denture first. Thereafter he will advise you on the estimated cost and the duration needed for the repair. For your information, the estimated cost for denture repair is from $180.00.
27. Do you offer general anaesthesia for wisdom tooth extraction/surgery?

It is a routine for the dentists to administer local anaesthetics to numb the area first before the extraction/surgery. Alternatively, for anxious/nervous patients, they can consider having intravenous (injection) sedation done by an anaesthetist at the dental clinic. The estimated additional cost is from $700 per hour.

However, if general anaesthesia is required, it is from $700 per hour for the service of the anaesthetist. Additional charges apply for rental of operating theatre in a hospital.

26. Can a pregnant woman visit the dentist for teeth cleaning?
It is generally safe for pregnant woman to undergo scaling and polishing but she has to avoid taking of x-ray and some medications especially if she is in the first trimester. In any case, please let the dentist know and he/she will advise accordingly.

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