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itero our science - itero - Our Science


See what your future smile could look like before you start your Invisalign treatment.

waterlase our science - watelase - Our Science

Waterlase iPlus
dental laser treatment

Less pain and faster healing time.
Less usage of anesthetic for most procedures.
Single-visit treatments, eliminating referrals and specialist visits in many cases.

our science - Diagnodent - Our Science

Diagnodent, of kavo Germany

Far greater accuracy than the dental probe or x-rays in detection of decays.

Galileos our science - Galileos - Our Science

Galileos, digital volume tomography, of Sirona GmBH

3D dental x-rays, 200 pictures taken in 14 seconds, put together in minutes.

our science - SONICFILL - Our Science


Filling in all corners of a cavity.

tekka implants our science - tekka implants - Our Science

Tekka implants

Replacing missing teeth, Peace of mind with sound bio-engineering concepts.

our science - SAF - Our Science


Root canal treatment with speed and accuracy, Less visits and more complete.

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