Clean Teeth on the Go
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Clean Teeth on the Go

dental on the go clean teeth on the go - dental on the go - Clean Teeth on the Go

Clean Teeth on the Go

GPA Dental shares easy ways to keep your teeth clean when you’re busy travelling. Sticking to a daily oral hygiene routine is easy if you’re at home and have the right tools. But if you’re constantly on the move, keeping your teeth clean and your mouth feeling fresh can be a challenge. However, there are a few simple ways you can take care of your dental health.


Snack Wisely

Try to limit or avoid food with high sugar content such as caramel, candy or soda, as these tend to stick to your teeth. This can increase the level of plaque, tartar or decay on your teeth. If you must snack, opt for healthier treats like veggies, nuts and cheese.


Rinse after Each Meal

A quick rinse with water after you’ve eaten can clean out some of the acidic substances and debris that are stuck in between or on your teeth. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to wash away plaque and bacteria, too.


Use Mouthwash

Choose the right type of mouthwash for you by reading the ingredients on the label: Alcohol works as an antimicrobial agent to kill bacteria and germs that contribute to tooth decay and bad breath but it can also dry out your mouth. Opt for alcohol-free mouthwash if you have a dry-mouth problem. Most mouthwash brands will also have detergents that will remove food debris and loosen plaque. Some flavouring will be added for colour and taste. In addition, some brands contain fluoride in them but try not to swallow any of this mouth rinse, as too much systemic fluoride can be harmful. If you have gum disease, ask your dentist about chlorhexidine, a special type of
mouthwash that aids in eliminating gum diseases.


Carry a Travel-Sized Dental Care Kit

My best advice: Always carry a travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste and floss with you. Wait 30 minutes after your meal to brush your teeth, as any acidic substances in your food would have lowered the pH level in your mouth, causing your teeth to soften. Waiting half an hourto clean your teeth will help you avoid damage to your teeth.